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December 18, 2012
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TA-P: Rose Milton by Little-Miss-Boxie TA-P: Rose Milton by Little-Miss-Boxie
Woop Revamp~ = v =/ <3 gonna try and be more active too pfft;;
if you wanna rp feel free to comment or note me about it, always game to <3 :iconimsotiredplz::iconsparklesplz:


Character for :icontheart-project: * w *! cantwaitforthisgrouptoopenomg;; <333

→ Name: Rose Milton
→ Age: 23
→ Gender: Male
→ Height: 6'1''
→ Birthday: March 24th
→ Ethnicity: English

→ Major: Script writing
→ Minor: Creative/Novel Writing
→ Year: Freshman

→ Likes:
- writing
- books of all sorts, including graphic novels/comics/etc
- fanfiction //SLAPPED (Though can be love/hate depending what he finds)
- coffee (needs to stay awake lol) and Tea
- completing a writing piece ( will relax and be in a bliss for a few days before busying himself again)
- drama in any fictional context
- dramatic soap operas

→ Dislikes:
- mistreatment of writing pieces/books/etc
- sleeping (forever busy and wanting to get things done)
- when movies dont follow the books correctly (he'll start complaining about it while watching)
- not having a drama plot in his own writing or what hes reading
- Deadlines
- being watched over when he writes
- the sun when he hasnt slept much
- heat/ hot weather
- being told his name is girly/ is a girls name / etc

→ Personality: Rose is a friendly and gentle person, though most people might find him a little quiet even after getting to know him a little more, Its not he doesnt wish to talk, its usually his thoughts are elsewhere again, just grab his attention and he'll be back on earth to have a conversation with you.

He's a little bit of a work-a-holic when it comes to his written works, he sometimes becomes obsessive with it and wont stop till a certain part or plot is complete, he gets into a bit of a zone then, so try not to disturb him too much cause he'll either ignore/wont hear you, or eventually get grumpy if you continue to try. Once he finishes a writing piece though, he'll relax and unwind for a few days and be in a sort of bliss~ though he'll get back to his busy self soon enough. Due to his working methods, he also doesnt get a lot of sleep, well one because hes working almost constantly and till early hours of the morning but two because his brain is always buzzing with new ideas, he tends to be a very early riser just so he can get up early and maximise how he uses his day to work, so due to lack of sleep, he's usually tired or tired looking and every now and then ends up sleeping in random places to try and refresh himself a little.

Rose also has a tendency to mix up memories and reality with scripts and writing, even more so when he's over tired. Don't be surprise if hes talking about an event together in the past and suddenly within his memory you were hit by a bus/ attacked/ drowned/ some dramatic plot, or he tells you of a memory of an adventure you had together in full detail that you've never had before.

Speaking of Dramatic plots, about 99% of his writing works is drama based, dont be fooled if you start reading a cheery story written by him that suddenly turns and they end up in a hospital, though dont get him wrong, he's very good at what he does, even if you know it'll be a drama piece, you wont see what comings till it hits.

→ Background: Since a young age Rose has always loved books, he constantly had his nose in one as a child and it stayed that way up to his late teens. While most children doodled in their school books, Rose would write, small stories, plot points, anything his brain was buzzing with at the time. He continued to collect these pieces of paper in a large binder, then that binder became 2 binders..then 3..then 4.. then another 12 and so on. His parents sometimes worried at his obsessive tendency to work and write, but what he did write was very good, and for his age too, so they encourage him to take his passion and turn it into a career.

At first Rose decided his career path would be novels, he loved books, so why not write more for others to read too... that was until one faithful day, he was passing through the living room to the kitchen, where he spotted something his mother was watching on Tv... A Soap Opera... instantly he became hooked on the drama and plots within it, and his mother soon enough had a soap opera watching buddy from then onwards. After that he researched into soup operas more, finding that there were multiples of them everywhere, not only that but each had teams of script writers, WRITERS! spending days on written works pumped filled with drama, AND get paid for it? it was almost too good to be true.

From there Rose strived to improve his writing skills through out the rest of his high school years till now, he graduated highschool and took a few gap years to work and save up enough money to support himself through his future studies and courses, once he had enough funds to pay his fees and a stable part time job, he applied for the college to major in script writing and minor in creative/novel writing.

→ Additional Information:

- not much of a sporty guy, but is fit

- when going for a walk, usually ends up day dreaming and walking off in a completely different direction and getting himself lost

- has an English accent

-sometimes wears reading glasses

-tends to float off in thought easily

- doesnt get a great deal of sleep

- becomes obsessive with his writing at times and wont stop till a parts complete.

-tends to sometimes get memories/reality mixed up with scripts and writing, more so when hes tired.

-falls asleep in class and random places a lot

- most of his scripts are filled with drama or if its a happy story usually ends up as drama.

- can be a bit too dependent on coffee and caffeine at times

- will add more stuff later < w >
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