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tachikawa-high: Yamamoto Ame by Little-Miss-Boxie tachikawa-high: Yamamoto Ame by Little-Miss-Boxie
Edit: My bbys in! thank you ;; 0;;/ please feel free to note me or comment about rp~~~ <3


gonna try and join :icontachikawa-high:

feel free to note me or comment below about rping * 7*/ <3


Name: Yamamoto, Ame
Nickname: Firebear  

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 18
Grade: 3rd

Dormitory: Tamagawa for Boys
Club: Art (buthesreallybadomgrofl; )

- Having his space
- reading
- music (mostly classical and anything calming)
- photography
- chilled teas (usually the sweet kinds)
- secretly likes ball joint dolls (would never tell you no lol)
- poetry (reads a lot of it)
- likes cloudy weather

- having his scar and eye pointed out/ teased at (he'll pretty much be done with you right there rofl; )
- too many questions about himself
- crowds of people, crowded places, small spaces (he cant deal with it)
- fires (make him uncomfortable)
- conflict or aggressive behaviour
-  horror/gore movies (he'll like be on the verge of passing out or panicking man)
- sour foods
- being surprised, snuck up on
- having too much attention (is a private fellow)


Ame is a fairly quiet and private guy, Majority of the time he comes off cold, not because he'll insult others, but because his lack of want to interact with others. He's very edgy however, so dont sneak up on him or surprise him because you'll get an earful.
However as cold as he may seem-- hes more the gentle then aggressive type, and usually first to get away should a situation get aggressive or violent.
If you manage to get him to talk a few more then a handful of sentences-- you might learn he use to be quite the friendly young man and maybe such a trait about him could return in due time.


Ame grew up as the youngest of three brothers, the older two being twins, with his mother and father on an island town a faery ride away from Japans mainland. It could have been seen as a paradise, which to many it was-- but there was much going on behind the scenes of the islands streets not all were aware of.

He was never the healthiest or strongest of children but he wasnt in a direr state and life went about fairly smoothly and trouble free for the majority, though as he grew older it did grow worse so visits to the doctors was never an uncommon thing.
As he and his brothers grew older they also became aware of the rivalry between their own and another family, one that had been hidden from them growing up. Both their families were quite large, and a lot of violence did break out in their feuds. As things worsened in the rivalry and the siblings grew older, his two older brothers got more involved taking part in many of the fights and destructive raids. Ame usually stayed clear, he wasnt ever one for violence, and physically he wouldnt be able to hold his own in such a situation and he didnt want any part of it.

He continued to do is best in other aspects of his life, majorly his schooling. He wasnt the top student, but he was indeed at the top bunch of his class. he brought his parents pride in that respect and felt what he couldnt up hold physically he could indeed balance himself in strength at least mentally. His plans were to study hard and get into a bright university, were he planned to study either medicine or law, he hadnt quite made up his mind at that point.

Unfortunately though he was dragged into said scene of violence and chaos between the two families, and not by choice. One day on the way home from school he was jumped by the rival family, who were particularity upset with a recent attack from his brothers, and were here to get their vengeance back. It was on that day Ame learnt first hand just how cruel people around him could be and it was permanently left as a reminder to his face. His brothers eventually managed to located and rescue their brother, but the damage was already done, leaving him scarred physically and mentally and in a critical state.

It took the teen a while to recover, and when he did, he was nothing like he use to be. He became quiet and withdrawn, more on edge and paranoid but most of all distrusting. He was quiet and timd before, but he was friendly, and now-- he didnt want a bite of the rest of the world, or more so he didnt want to give it a chance to bite him.

The teen started to refuse to leave their home, the idea of the fighting outside too much for him, but he didnt want to leave his studies, it was all he could bring his family and himself. Eventually he soon requested to move to a boarding school-- away and out of the trouble of the rivalry and his home town to start a new by himself somewhere hopefully safer where he could pursue his studies.

Additional Info:

- He's blind in his right eye

- His scarring is still quite sensitive.

- "Fire bear" was a token from his brothers to give his scar a "better" story in attempts to cheer him up

- He has Ochlophobia, a Fear of crowds and mobs. He gets a little claustrophobic at times as well depending on situation.

- He's very easy to startle/scare and send into a panic or unsettled state.

- His health is not the best-- stress will really take it out of him.

- He's close to his parents, but has a love/hate relationship with his brothers-- he loves them, but doesnt approve their behaviour and choices-- especially after where they landed him.


" Please -- I'd like to be alone..."


- may add more info later * 3*/
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